All I Need to Know about Business I Learned from a Duck

Lessons From Nature

LionWhat can top executives in American business possibly learn from lions and tigers and bears? In All I Need to Know about Business I Learned from a Duck Tom Porter encourages business leaders to extend their horizons of planning, organizing, managing and measuring the results of their efforts by utilizing Mother Nature as their guide and mentor.

Like a rooster, his book is a wake up call that challenges owners and managers to rethink traditional business practices and to begin to run their personal lives and their businesses from an instinctual, restorative model that recognizes the interconnectedness of everything.

All I Need to Know about Business I Learned from a Duck is an easy-to-understand book about how we can build successful businesses by mimicking the dignity, adaptability and balance found in the natural world. It’s a “back to basics” book filled with practical examples and powerful one-page metaphors based upon principles and behaviors gleaned from wild animals and their environment.

From the teamwork lessons we can learn from the humpback whales technique of “bubble net feeding”, to lessons in effective communication offered by honey bees, Porter re-frames customary management and business practices to foster a refreshingly new point of view. In Business Lessons from Nature you will be introduced to:

  • The Chinese philosophy of five basic forms of energy (fire, earth, metal, water, wood)and how it can be utilized to enhance the way you vet and assess job applicants.
  • How you can improve the success rate of change initiatives within your company by applying the principal that water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance.
  • How lessons learned from chameleons can improve the way you sell yourself, your products and your ideas.
  • How you can gain a competitive advantage in the market by listening to the branding lessons provided by Giant Anteaters.

Business Lessons from Nature will change your worldview. Never again will you separate business theory and practices
from Mother Nature as you once did.