What can top executives in American business possibly learn from lions and tigers and bears? In All I Need to Know about Business I Learned from a Duck Tom Porter encourages business leaders to extend their horizons of planning, organizing, managing and measuring the results of their efforts by utilizing Mother Nature as their guide and mentor. ORDER TODAY


Do you remember the 1976 satirical movie Network? The film is about a fictional television network and its faltering audience ratings. One of the most famous scenes is where Howard Beale (Peter Finch, who plays a news anchor) has been fired because of low ratings. He’s been provided with an opportunity to make a dignified exit from the UBS Evening News, but instead Beale rants about how life isn’t fair. . .
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Mother Nature
A model for business success?

I’m one of those guys who has had a lot of luck. When I started my ad agency I was lucky to pick up my first big client within 60 days of putting out my shingle (that client stuck with us until I sold the agency over 22 years later!)…So it didn’t surprise me when early on in my search for a new paradigm that would improve the way we manage and run our businesses, I stumbled upon the
following quote from Albert Einstein: Look to nature and you will understand everything better.Read More

Who should read this book?

I wrote this book primarily for owners, managers, supervisors and soon-to-be supervisors in small to medium-sized businesses. Non-fiction authors are supposed to write what they know about, and for many years my ad agency employed 65 people with annual sales revenue of over $10 million, which is classified by the Small Business Administration as a medium-sized business. Over the years I also had the opportunity to work for a number of small to medium-sized business, so I’ve witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly. . .
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Tom Porter’s All I Need to Know about Business I Learned from a Duck

Like a rooster, his book is a wake up call that challenges owners and managers to rethink traditional business practices and to begin to run their personal lives and their businesses from an instinctual, restorative model that recognizes the interconnectedness of everything.

All I Need to Know about Business I Learned from a Duck is an easy-to-understand book about how we can build successful businesses by mimicking the dignity, adaptability and balance found in the natural world.

About the Author

Tom Porter is an entrepreneur and recognized authority on branding, marketing and advertising.  He was the president and CEO of one of the Midwest’s most respected marketing communications agencies which he sold 22 years after founding the company.