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Business Lessons From Humpback Whales

When it comes to effective teamwork, business leaders can learn a lot from Humpback whales. If you watch a group of these magnificent creatures carry out their unique technique of bubble net feeding, you’ll probably agree that they display nearly all of the eight characteristics of a high performing team identified by Frank LaFasto and Carl Larson, authors of the book Teamwork: (1) A clear compelling goal or vision; (2) Standards of excellence; (3) Competent members; (4) Unified commitment; (5) Climate of collaboration (i.e. trust, clear communication, listening); (6) Results driven structure; (7) Principled leadership and; (8) External support and recognition. (Click on video, below):

In my opinion the most important lessons we can learn from bubble net feeding are: (1) It is important to think as one team; (2) Teams are most effective if the group works on one single concept; and (3) Clear communication among participants is crucial to success.

What’s your opinion?

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4 Responses to “Business Lessons From Humpback Whales”

  1. Mike Wagner says:

    Great observation Tom.

    Now if we could get a team of ISU engineering grads or say Iowa bankers to work this well together…that would be a documentary I’d pay to see. 😉

    Keep creating…it freaks people out,

  2. Absolutely–focus on a single important task at a time is essential for teams and for individuals in their continued business and professional development.

  3. Joseph Hammen says:

    Tom, Thanks for your newsletter. I look forward to receiving additional correspondence.

  4. Rick McMaster says:

    Beautiful example of how humans can learn from nature. Thanks for shairing

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